A sorter for hexadecimal color arrays - by brightness, saturization, brightest dull color + hex color mixer.

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<script type="module">
  import hexsorter from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hexsorter';


hexSorter v1.5.0


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In a browser:

<script src="hexSorter.js"></script>

Using npm:

$ npm i --save hexsorter

In Node.js:

// Load the module.
const hexSorter = require('hexSorter');

Why hexSorter?

hexSorter was based on an old Adobe Kuler plugin in php. Rewritten to work with
new technology.

Its usage is to automagically sort colors by luminosity, to generate style
sheets or vector fill/strokes.

  • Sort colors by luminosity
  • Get brightest color from array
  • Get most saturated color from array
  • Mix hexadecimal color values to create/diffuse colors
  • Choose conversion type for RGB->Y. BT.601, BT709, BT2020


node test
const hexSorter = require('./hexSorter');
const log = console.log;
var colorArray = ["#516373", "#f2b999", "#f2e8c9", "#6c838c", "#f2f2f2"];

var mixColor = hexSorter.colorMixer(colorArray[0], "#fff", 50);
var mostBright = hexSorter.sortColors(colorArray, 'mostBrightColor');
var mostSaturatedColor = hexSorter.sortColors(colorArray, 'mostSaturatedColor');
var colorMixed = hexSorter.colorMixer("#516373", "#fff", 50);
var mixSort = hexSorter.mixSortColors(colorArray, 'mostBrightColor', "#fff", 50);

console.log("Mixed with 50% white: ", mixColor);
console.log("Sorted by brightness: ", mostBright);
console.log("Sorted by saturation: ", mostSaturatedColor);
console.log("Mix #fff sorted: ", mixSort);
console.log("Mix #516373 with #fff - 50%: ", colorMixed);


Can be found in the /examples/ folder, be sure to run:

npm install

in the examples folder before testing examples.

Node.js console example

sortcolors.js - NodeJS example, showing how sorting works

node sortcolors

alt text

Web example

Hex Sorter - Stack Blitz Pure JS example

Hex Sorter - Stack Blitz Vue example

Adobe Kuler Top 100 palettes, 2017 (nvrfrgt)

convtocss.js - NodeJS example, reading from file, outputting to css.

node convtocss

Outputs 'output/dagthomas.css' based on color arrays in 'input/colors.txt' (from an earlier php Kuler project, nvrfrgt).

Color Input

CSS Output

Example of CSS file used on SVG in HTML

alt text