Convert Global Poker hand histories to the PokerStars format

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  import hhconverterGlobalPoker from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hhconverter-global-poker';



Convert Global Poker hand histories to PokerStars format. To download your hand histories from global poker, use this chrome extension

This package is a work in progress. It currently only supports converting cash games (NLH/PLO).

The goal of this repo is to be able to convert Global Poker hand histories into the format used by PokerStars. This enables the importing of Global Poker hand histories into the likes of PokerTracker 4 to analyze your own results. This package is not meant to be used to power a HUD or to gain real time stats on other players.


npm install @mr-feek/global-poker-hand-history-converter


import { convertHand } from './src/Converter';
import GlobalPokerHand from './src/GlobalPokerHand';

// fetch your JSON blob of hand history from global poker API (outside the scope of this package)
const handHistoryBlob = {};
const globalPokerHand = new GlobalPokerHand(handHistoryBlob);
const pokerStarsFormat = convertHand(globalPokerHand);



  • yarn install

Running Tests

npm run test

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