An engine for the card game `high-low-jack`.

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  import highLowJack from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/high-low-jack';



Table of Contents


$ npm install --save high-low-jack

How To Play



A match is the all emcompassing word with all other words inside it. When you sit down with three other people, you start a match. When the score reaches 11 (or whatever you'd like), the match is over. You can play again and have a best of 3 series of matches perhaps, but ye shall not use the word game for this instance. Maybe later once you are a pro and know everything you can let it slip, but for now, no way!


Inside a match is a number of rounds. At the beginning of a round, the cards are dealt, bids are made, and one bid is accepted. At the end of each round, points are tallied and added to the total score.


Inside each round there is a number of tricks equal to the number of cards in each player's hand (usually 6). In each trick, someone leads with a card, and each player, going in clockwise motion, plays a card following the necessary rules. At the end of the trick, someone wins the trick and takes all the cards for his or her team. That person leads the next trick.