HiPay Professional SDK for JavaScript

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HiPay Professional SDK for NodeJS. You can create orders (payment pages), capture or refund payments and securely decode Notifications (callbacks / pingbacks) sent by HiPay.

Note for TypeScript users: This module build and provide its TypeScript declarations files (.d.ts).

Getting Started

Node.js · Install the module with:

npm i --save hipay-professional-sdk

Quick Example

const HipayClient = require('hipay-professional-sdk').HipayClient;

const hipayClient = new HipayClient({
    env: 'production',
    login: 'YOUR_API_LOGIN',
    password: 'YOUR_API_PASSWORD',

    websiteId: YOUR_WEBSITE_ID,
    currency: 'EUR',
    amount: '4.99',
    rating: 'ALL',
    locale: 'fr_FR',
    customerIpAddress: CUSTOMER_IP,
    description: 'Life subscription to a super service!',
    executionDate: new Date(),
    manualCapture: true,
    urlCallback: 'https://domain.tld/hipay-callback',
}).then((response) => {
    if (response.error) {
        // HiPay reported an error during the request
        console.log(response.error); // {code: number, description: string}

    // HiPay created the new order, you can redirect your customer to the
    // payment page!
    console.log(response.result); // {redirectUrl: string}
}).catch((err) => {
    // An exception has occurred during the request (network error, ...)


To begin you need to get your API credentials :

  • Login to the Hipay Professional dashboard
  • Go to the Toolbox
  • Your API credentials will be under "Access to the web service" (and are named "Login" and "Password")

You must also create a website and get it's ID:

  • On the dashboard, go to Products > Website
  • Click on "Register a new Website", complete the form and validate
  • Get your website ID (will be under your website name)

You can now start using this SDK! Usual flow is:

  1. Create an order (HipayClient.createOrder)
  2. Redirect your customer to the payment page
  3. Listen for Notifications (callbacks / pingbacks) calls (HipayClient.parseNotification)
  4. Capture payments (HipayClient.captureOrder)


Technical documentation: https://nathan818fr.github.io/hipay-professional-sdk-js/classes/hipayclient.html


This project uses TypeScript. To create javascript sources run:

npm run build


For unit tests, a real payment flow is reproduced and tested (on the HiPay staging API):

  • An order is created
  • A browser is opened on the payment page and make a payment
  • A Notification (callback) listener wait for the transaction autorisation
  • The order is captured
  • A Notification (callback) listener wait for the transaction capture (and several other complementary tests are performed)

Run the unit tests (no need to run build before, they use the typescript files):

npm run lint
npm run test


Contributions are welcome. Unfortunately there is no documentation on the codestyle yet, so look at the existing sources and do the same.

The goal is to keep a simple project without unnecessary (non essential) features. Don't hesitate to open an issue before to discuss about your idea.


We use SemVer for versioning. For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.



This project is licensed under the Apache-2.0 License - see the LICENSE file for details.