A cli to create and view reports on

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A command line interface that allowes to create and view reports on


hive report [chatlog or gamelog link] or hive [chatlog or gamelog link]

gif of the hive report command

Creates a new report and optionaly fetches all available information from a given log. If it is a hacking report it also allowes to select a video that then will be automaticly uploaded to youtube and then be added to the report (needs a youtube account and will prompt for authentification on the first use). After that it prompts for all other informations and (if not logged in already) a link to login from the server (can be created by running /login report on and copying the link). (expects the same information as and provides simmilar testing of the inputs)

hive list or hive l

image of the hive list command

Gets the latest 10 reports and there status and displays this infos as a table, may also request a login link as above. (showes the same information as

hive info or hive i

gif of the hive info command

Provides a list of all known reports (can be updatet by running with the flag --update or -u) and allowes to select one of those and then fetches the available informations about the report. (showes the same information as

The selection can also show the report ids when run with the flag --ids.

hive settings

Allowes to change the settings of the cli via flags:

--max-upload-speed sets the maximum upload speed of the video upload in bytes/s

--video-dir sets the path to look for videos

hive help [command] or hive [command] --help

Showes general help or help to a provided command