Node API using thrift to query Hive

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HiveThrift is a node API for fast querying of Hive using Thrift middleware.


  • NodeJS >= 4.3.0
  • npm
  • git (installation from sources)


Install from sources

To install HiveThrift you need to checkout the sources: git clone git://

Install using npm

To install HiveThrift using npm, use the following command :

npm install hive-thrift

If you're using a Vagrant box, use the --no-bin-links argument

npm install hive-thrift --no-bin-links

Getting Started

From sources

  • Update the config.json file with your settings
  • Execute the following commands:
npm install 
npm test 

Once your database settings are corrects, use the examples folder to create a program and run it like the following

node your_program.js | ./node_modules/bunyan/bin/bunyan

Bunyan is a simple and fast JSON logging library for node.js service. A bunyan CLI tool is provided (./node_modules/bunyan/bin/bunyan) for pretty-printing bunyan logs and for filtering. To learn more about Bunyan click here.

From npm

  • Create a config.json file in the root directory of your project like the config.json present here
  • Write your node program like here and don't forget to use the library by using the following import
var client = require('hive-thrift');

Example code

Some API uses are shown in the examples folder. Don't forget to change the require part if you're using npm install ...

Hive configuration

The Hive configuration is stored in a config.json file present in the root directory of the project. The host must be pointing to the HiveServer2 instance.

API documentation