Official API Wrapper for Hive Gen (

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Hive Gen Wrapper

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Official API Wrapper for Hive Gen API. This is my first NPM Module so there can be bugs, also I am terrible with API Documentation sorry!

Getting Started

Install via NPM...

npm install hivegen-wrapper --save
const HiveGenAPI = require("hivegen-wrapper");
const hiveGen = new HiveGenAPI();

All Functions


Player: String i.e NTMNathan

Bg: game, dark, light

hiveGen.bedrock.allTime.banners.hide(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.monthly.banners.dr(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.allTime.banners.dr(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.monthly.banners.wars(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.allTime.banners.wars(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.monthly.banners.murder(player: String, bg: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.allTime.banners.murder(player: String, bg: String) String, bg: String) String, bg: String) String, bg: String) String, bg: String)


Type: bar, line

Game: dr, wars, murder, sky, sg

hiveGen.bedrock.graphs.victories(type: String, game: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.graphs.played(type: String, game: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.graphs.kills(type: String, game: String)
hiveGen.bedrock.graphs.deaths(type: String, game: String)