A fork of a service which will generate thumbnails from a live HLS stream.

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HLS Live Thumbnails

A service which will generate thumbnails from a live HLS stream.

Can be either used as a library, run as a service and controlled with http requests, or standalone for handling a single stream.


  • Install ffmpeg globally. You should be able to simply ffmpeg at a command prompt.
  • npm install -g hls-live-thumbnails to install globally.


Run hls-live-thumbnails https://devimages.apple.com.edgekey.net/streaming/examples/bipbop_4x3/bipbop_4x3_variant.m3u8.


This will generate thumbnails from a HLS stream and emit a newThumbnail event whenever a thumbnail is generated.


This uses ThumbnailGenerator but will also remove thumbnails when their segments are removed from the playlist, or when the playlist no longer exists. You can configure a time to wait before removing thumbnails after their segments are removed using the expireTime option. This generates a JSON manifest file with information about the generated thumbnails.

Service & Standalone

You can run this as a service which will expose a http API for control, or standalone.

If run standalone the program will terminate with exit code 0 once all thumbnails have been generated and the stream has ended, or 1 if there was an error.

These are the options:

  • url: The URL of the stream. If specified 'port' or 'secret' must not be provided.
  • manifestFileName: The name of the manifest file. Only valid with 'url' option and defaults to 'thumbnails.json'.
  • outputNamePrefix: The string to be prefixed to the thumbnail file names. Only valid with 'url' option and defaults to a hash of the stream URL.
  • port: The port to listen on. Defaults to 8080, unless running standalone.
  • pingInterval: If a ping request isn't made every 'pingInterval' seconds then thumbnail generation will stop. Defaults to disabled.
  • clearOutputDir: If provided the output directory will be emptied when the program starts.
  • outputDir: The directory to place the thumbnails and manifest file.
  • tempDir: A directory to use for temporary files. (Optional)
  • secret: A string which must be provided in a "x-secret" header for each request.
  • expireTime: The time in seconds to keep thumbnails for before deleting them, once their segments have left the playlist. Defaults to 0.
  • interval: The default interval between thumbnails. If omitted the interval will be calculated automatically using targetThumbnailCount.
  • initialThumbnailCount: The default number of thumbnails to generate initially, from the end of the stream. If ommitted defaults to taking thumbnails for the entire stream.
  • targetThumbnailCount: The default number of thumbnails that should be generated over the duration of the stream. Defaults to 30. This will be recalculated if the stream duration changes.
  • width: The default width of the thumbnails to generate (px). If omitted this will be calculated automatically from the height, or default to 150.
  • height: The default height of the thumbnails to generate (px). If omitted this will be calculated automatically from the width.

E.g. Service: hls-live-thumbnails --secret "super-secret" --targetThumbnailCount 20 --width 300 E.g. Standalone: hls-live-thumbnails https://devimages.apple.com.edgekey.net/streaming/examples/bipbop_4x3/bipbop_4x3_variant.m3u8 --width 300


POST /v1/start

Start generating thumbnails for a stream.

The following parameters are allowed:

  • url: The playlist URL. (Requierd)
  • width: Override width option. (Optional)
  • height: Override height option. (Optional)
  • interval: Override interval option. (Optional)
  • initialThumbnailCount: Override initialThumbnailCount option. (Optional)
  • targetThumbnailCount: Override targetThumbnailCount option. (Optional)
  • id: Provide an alpha-numeric ID for this generator. (Optional. Will be generated automatically if not provided.)

The response is {id: <id which represents this generator>}

The manifest file will be called "thumbnails-[id].json".

GET /v1/generators/:id

Get information about the provided generator. A 404 will be returned if a generator no longer exists, e.g. if all thumbnails have expired.

The response is {ended: <true if the stream has ended, no more thumbnails will be generated>}

This counts as a 'ping'. Look at the 'pingInterval' option.

DELETE /v1/generators/:id

Terminate the generator with id. All of its thumbnails will be removed.

Manifest File Format

This is the structure of the manifest file. It will be called "thumbnails-[id].json".

  "ended":<true if the stream has ended>,
  "segments": [{
    "sn": <segment sequence number>,
    "removalTime": <The time the segment was removed from the playlist, or null>,
    "thumbnails": [
        time: <time into the segment that the thumbnail was taken (seconds)>,
        name: <thumbnail filename>
        time: <time into the segment that the thumbnail was taken (seconds)>,
        name: <thumbnail filename>