A node implementation for a HomeMatic Hardware Interface

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import hmInterface from '';


This is a node implementation for an eq3 CCU Hardware Interface

Usage npm install hm-interface

const HMInterface = require('hm-interface')

let options = {
  localIp: 'XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX', // The IP the interface should listen to
  localPort: XXXX, // the port
  ccuIP: 'AAA.AAA.AAA.AAA' // The ip from your ccu ; this is needed to change the rega init urls

let newInteface = new HMInterface.HomematicInterface(options)

// the interface will save XMPRPC Init IDs to use after an relaunch; if you want to use saved IDs 
// (you do not have to restart rega) you can do it by :

// Load a device definition and create a device
let devData = require(path.join(__dirname, 'HM-LC-Sw1-Pl.json'))
let switchDevice = newInteface.initDevice('Example', 'ABCD001234', 'HM-LC-Sw1-Pl', devData)

// Message when the interface will change the value
newInteface.on('event_device_channel_value_change', (changedObject) => {
  console.log('Device Value Change Event', JSON.stringify(changedObject))

// Message when rega will change the value
newInteface.on('device_channel_value_change', (changedObject) => {
  console.log('Device Value Change bySetValue', JSON.stringify(changedObject))

for more see the example

You have to add the interface to your CCU by adding it to /etc/config/InterfacesList.xml Just add: (IP and Port see the example above)