A HOF Behaviour for a multi-step postcode lookup

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  import hofBehaviourAddressLookup from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hof-behaviour-address-lookup';



A HOF Behaviour for controlling a multi-step address lookup.


// steps.js

const AddressLookup = require('hof-behaviour-address-lookup');

module.exports = {
  '/step-1' {
    behaviours: AddressLookup({
      addressKey: 'address-field'


  • addressKey - REQUIRED - the key used to store the formatted address after lookup
  • required - if set to a truthy value then the address is required. By default a user can pass through without entering an address.
  • apiSettings - settings to pass to the Model on init. Default MOJ lookup api expects hostname, authorization, paths.lookup and paths.validate
  • Model - a custom Model which exposes a fetch method (and validate if using api validation). Both fetch and validate are expected to return a Promise
  • validate - a map of validators to pass to the Model's validate method. The default implementation supports allowedCountries which is an Array of accepted countries. - for only English addresses use:
  addressKey: 'address',
  validate: {
    allowedCountries: ['England']

Custom Model Integration

If you provide a custom model, you should provide a fetch method which returns a Promise and resolves with the data on a successful lookup, and rejects with an Error if the service is unavailable. In the case of the service being unavailable a message is shown and a textarea is shown for the address to be input manually.

When providing a custom validate function, this should also return a Promise which resolves on a success validation, and rejects with an error with status 418 if validation fails.


The following keys are expected to be defined in your translations file.

  • pages.address-lookup.edit - text to change the postcode once entered. Defaults to 'Change';
  • pages.address-lookup.cantfind - link text for manual entry if you cant find your address in the lookup. Defaults to 'I can\'t find the address in the list'
  • fields.{key}-postcode.label - Label for the postcode field when shown on the lookup and manual steps. Defaults to 'Postcode'
  • pages.address-lookup.postcode-api.not-found - Message to show if postcode not found. Defaults to 'Sorry – we couldn’t find any addresses for that postcode, enter your address manually'
  • pages.address-lookup.postcode-api.cant-connect - Message to show if unable to connect to the lookup service. Defaults to 'Sorry – we couldn’t connect to the postcode lookup service at this time, enter your address manually'
  • buttons.find-address - Postcode submit button text. Required.