Homebridge plugin for integrating Abode door locks into HomeKit.

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  import homebridgeAbodeLocks from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-abode-locks';



Homebridge plugin that integrates Abode door locks into HomeKit, as these are not included in their built-in HomeKit support.

This is an unofficial integration not created by or affiliated with Abode Systems, Inc.


If you are new to Homebridge, please first read the Homebridge documentation and installation instructions first.

If you have Homebridge Config UI installed, you can install this plugin by going to the Plugins tab, searching for homebridge-abode-locks, and installing it.

If you prefer use the command line, you can do so by running:

npm install -g homebridge-abode-locks

Plugin configuration

To configure this plugin, enter the email and password for your Abode account. You may want to use a dedicated Abode user just for Homebridge.

If you choose to configure this plugin directly instead of using Homebridge Config UI, you'll need to add the platform to your config.json file:

    "platform": "Abode Locks",