Publish your automower as an homekit accessory

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Plugin for controlling your automower from Husqvarna through HomeBridge .

Each Automower is shown through 3 services :

  • One switch that will handle Start / PARK (until next period) function
  • One fan that will handle Start / Pause function and spin when your mower is cutting (and only cutting, not while getting back to its charging station)
  • One Motion sensor that will be triggered when your mower needs attention while cutting

The battery percentage / charging status is shown in the detail pane of each service.

npm install -g homebridge-automower

Homebridge configuration

Config as below:

"platforms": [
    "platform": "Automower",
      "email": "toto@titi.com",
    "password": "toto"


  • platform must be "HomebridgeAutomower" (required).
  • email email used for your automower account (required).
  • password password of your automower account (required).
  • refreshTimer Optional - enable refresh of autoMower state every X seconds, for automation purpose if you need to activate something else based on its state change (defaults : disable, accepted range : 30-600s).
  • startStopSwitch switch to handle start / stop until next period (optional - default true).
  • startStopUntilFurtherNoticeSwitch stateless switch to handle stop until further notice (optional - default false).
  • mowersList list of mowers to expose (optional - default all).
  • cleanCache Set it to true in case you want to remove the cached accessory (only those from this plugin). You have to restart homebridge after applying the option. Remove it after restart, otherwise it will be recreated at each startup.




Many thanks to :

  • dinmammas for plugin inspiration
  • chrisz for automower api samples
  • every tester / contributor that test, and give feedback in any way !


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As of Dec 01 2018, Nicolas Dujardin has released this repository and its contents to the public domain.

It has been released under the UNLICENSE.