Comelit HUB support for Homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

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Comelit HUB integration for Homebridge


This is an Homebridge platform plugin to expose Comelit Home Automation to Apple HomeKit and use it with Siri. The code is based on the reverse engineering of the official protocol, so expect bugs.

Note: the supported model of the HUB is this one


The old Comelit Serial Bridge is not supported by this plugin.

Currently supported devices:

  • Simple lights
  • Blinds
  • Thermostats (summer/winter mode)
  • Controlled plugs
  • Vedo Alarm
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Irrigation

Missing devices:

  • RGB lights
  • Dimmerable lights


To configure Comelit platform you need to provide some information in the configuration. Add the following section to the platform array in the Homebridge config.json file:

  "platform": "Comelit",
  "name": "Comelit",
  "username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
  "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD"

By default, username and password are both set to admin. You can also provide the broker_url as config parameter, that is the HUB IP address on your network, or leave it empty and let the plugin auto discover the HUB for you.

Find the broker URL

If you don't know the IP of the HUB on your local network, you can use the comelit CLI. After installing this plugin, just type:

comelit scan

You should get an output like this:

Executing command scan
server listening
Found hardware IcoM MAC XXXXXXXXXXXX, app Mngr version 3.0.1, system id ViP_, IcoM -  at IP [X.X.X.X]
Found hardware D407 MAC XXXXXXXXXXXX, app HSrv version 1.2.0, system id ViP_, Home server - Comelit Hub 1 at IP [X.X.X.X]

The IP you are looking for is the app HSrv one.

VEDO alarm support

VEDO alarm supported has been moved to a separate plugin: https://github.com/madchicken/homebridge-comelit-vedo

Advanced configuration

The plugin offers some extra configuration flag. Here is the list

  • broker_url: string - IP of your HUB (optional)
  • sentry_dsn: string - DSN for Sentry monitoring (see https://sentry.com)
  • blind_closing_time: number - number of seconds your blinds take to go from fully open to fully closed (default 35)
  • keep_alive?: number - number of seconds for the MQTT keep alive message
  • avoid_duplicates: boolean - set this to true to avoid mapping different devices with the same name (it will append a numeric postfix to the name)
  • hide_lights: boolean - true to hide lights to HomeKit
  • hide_blinds: boolean - true to hide blinds to HomeKit
  • hide_thermostats: boolean - true to hide thermostats to HomeKit
  • hide_dehumidifiers: boolean - true to hide dehumidifiers to HomeKit
  • hide_power_suppliers: boolean - true to hide power suppliers (aka "Controllo Carichi") to HomeKit
  • hide_outlets: boolean - true to hide outlets to HomeKit
  • hide_others: boolean - true to hide so called "other devices" to HomeKit
  • hide_irrigation: boolean - true to hide sprinklers to HomeKit

Note: When hiding thermostats you will automatically exclude dehumidifiers

Prometheus Metrics

This plugin exports some Prometheus metric to allow you to monitor your house. If you have a Prometheus instance running with a Grafana UI, you can display useful information about your house domotic usage. All exported metrics have comelit_ prefix. The default port for the /metrics exporter is 3002 but can be configured by adding a exporter_http_port config value in the config.json file. To enable metrics, specify export_prometheus_metrics: true in the platform config.

  "platform": "Comelit",
  "name": "My Home",
  "username": "YOUR_USERNAME",
  "password": "YOUR_PASSWORD",
  "broker_url": "mqtt://",
  "export_prometheus_metrics": true,
  "exporter_http_port": 3002

Compiling from source

This plugin uses yarn, so you need to install it before starting (see https://yarnpkg.com for instructions). Once you have it, just run

yarn && yarn build

inside the project folder.


Any help on this project is really welcome, so if you have some programming skill, and you want to improve the current implementation, fork the repo and open your PR! If otherwise, you simply enjoyed using this plugin, and you want to contribute in some way, you can always donate something!


Home application screenshot

Grafana screenshot