Enables Homekit and Eve support for smart Gardena sensors measuring soil humidity, temperature and ambient light intensity.

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  import homebridgeGardenaSmart from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-gardena-smart';


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This homebridge plugin provides Homekit and Eve support for Gardena smart sensors that allow to measure soil humidity, soil temperature and ambient light level. The requirement is a Gardena sensor that is connected to the smart system via a Gardena gateway. The plugin uses fakegato-history to store and visualize a history of soil humidity and temperature.


screenshot of history in Eve app


npm install -g homebridge-gardena-smart


Add the following to your homebridge config.json

"accessories": [
        "accessory": "gardena-smart",  
        "name": "How your sensor should be named in Homekit",  
        "model": "Sensor Model",
        "username": "Gardena Username",
        "password": "Gardena Password",
        "updateInterval": "Time delay before new data are fetched from the Gardena API (recommendation: 300)"


This plugin is a fork from homebridge-gardena-mower by neuhausf.