Homebridge heating systeem for Domoticz

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This homebridge plugin exposes a web-based heating system to Apple's HomeKit and allows you to control it via HTTP requests. The heating is displayed as a security service to be able to set if you are at home, away, etcetera.

Domoticz integration

This plugin only works with Domoticz and a selector switch. This plugin uses a selector switch with 4 states.


  1. Install homebridge
  2. Install this plugin: npm install -g homebridge-heating-domoticz
  3. Update your config.json file



Key Description Default
accessory Must be HttpSecuritySystem N/A
name Name to appear in the Home app N/A
disarmUrl URL to disarm security system N/A
nightUrl URL to set security system to Armed night N/A
awayUrl URL to set security system to Armed away N/A
statusUrl URL to get the status of the security system N/A

Optional fields

Key Description Default
disarmValue (optional) Value for disarm when status is checked 0
nightValue (optional) Value for armed night when status is checked 10
awayValue (optional) Value for armed away when status is checked 20
pollingInterval (optional) If checkStatus is set to polling, this is the time (in ms) betwwen status checks 3000
timeout (optional) Time (in milliseconds) until the accessory will be marked as Not Responding if it is unreachable 5000
model (optional) Appears under the Model field for the accessory homebridge-security
serial (optional) Appears under the Serial field for the accessory homebridge-security
manufacturer (optional) Appears under the Manufacturer field for the accessory goedh452

Configuration Examples

Sample config:

   "accessories": [
               "accessory": "HttpSecuritySystem",
               "name": "Alarm",
               "disarmUrl": "",
               "awayUrl": "",
               "nightUrl": "",
               "statusUrl": "",
               "timeout": 5000,
               "pollingInterval": 5000,
               "disarmValue": "0",
               "nightValue": "10",
               "awayValue": "20"