Marantz and Denon AVR Telnet Plugin for Homebridge

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Denon and Marantz AVR Telnet Plugin for Homebridge.

What does this package do?

This package was inspired by homebridge-denon. But the newer marantz and Denon AVR's with HEOS dropped the web-based-controls. So I resorted back to the good ol' telnet. This allows rather precise control over a very wide aspect of the AVR.

The package is still in a very early stage - feedback is welcome. It supports multiple zones and is zeroconf, i.e. the AVR's (should) be found by upnp.

How to Install this package?

(sudo) npm install -g marantz-denon-telnet

How to use this package?

This plugin is zeroconf.

Tested on?

  • marantz SR7011