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  import homebridgeMihome4u from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-mihome4u';



A fast up to date homebridge plugin to interface properly with MiHome using the API.


  "platform": "MiHome",
  "username": "youremail@address.co.uk",
  "password": "yourpassword or APIKey",
  "baseURL": "",
  "regex": {
    "enabled": true,
    "match_string": "/(?:\d{3}-\d{2} )?([\w - '’]+)/"
  • platform: this should be left default to MiHome
  • username: your email address
  • password: either supply your password or API_Key
  • baseURL: incase the API gets updated
  • regex: enabled/disabled and then the string to change the display name

Below are scripts just so that I don't forget them.

  • npm run build - Build's the TS to JS
  • npm publish - Publish to NPM
  • npm link - Allows homebridge to find it
  • npm run watch - Automatic development and restarting :-)


  • master: This is an automatic deploying branch, anything on here gets uploaded to npm and then out to Homebridge.
  • develop: This is where all PR should be made against. Any others will be closed.