Homebridge plugin for PalGate app

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PalGates homebridge plugin

This plugin enables connection between Pal Gate App Controled systems and Apple HomeKit. Before installing the homebridge plugin you must extract the device ID to recieve a token.

Extract device ID and Token

Extracting device ID and token from pi/linux/mac/windows

Please note #1: this tool was tested on MAC but it should work on any distribution.

Please note #2: Tool was written in Python 3.x, please make sure you run it with Python 3.x.

Please note #3: Make sure requests module is install in you venv/system (pip install requests)*

From shell run: python extract_token.py and follow on-screen instructions. make sure you have requests module installed before running the tool, if you don't know how to do that please google it.

Extracting device ID and Token from Homebridge Terminal

  • Open homebridge via browser and login.
  • Click on the three dots at the right side.
  • Click on "Terminal".
  • Once shell is opened type: palgate_extract and follow on-screen instructions.

Extraction tool output example:

          This is the extracted information:
       Please save it for HomeBridge config usage
       Any issues? please open a ticket on github

Disclaimer: this tool and the author are not responsible
for any issues/damage etc that might occur due to usage
of this plugin. this plugin was written for teaching purposes only.
This tool and plugin are free and will always be free.
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 Info returns: {<gate address>: <gate_id>
Info: [{'_id': '3G00000001', 'address': 'עזריאלי', Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel'}, 
       {'_id': '3G00000002', 'address': 'שרונה', Israel'}]
        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
           Your gate ID              Gate location

In this example we have two gates:

  1. Gate ID: 3G00000001 located at 'עזריאלי', Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel'.
  2. Gate ID: 3G00000002 located at 'שרונה', Israel'.

The address is for information purposes and is not needed.

Plugin-in configuration

Configure plugin via UI

  1. Open your HomeBridge UI and navigate to "Plugins" tab.
  2. Locate the PalGateOpener plugin and click on "Settings".
  3. Follow on-screen instructions, please do so after extracting the gate-id and token using the extraction tool.

Manual configuration (configuration.yaml file)

"accessories": [
            "accessory": "PalGateOpener",
            "name": "<chosen name>",
            "accessoryType": "<garageDoor>"
            "deviceId": "<device_id>",
            "token": "<token>"
            "accessory": "PalGateOpener",
            "name": "<choosen name>",
            "accessoryType": "<switch>"
            "deviceId": "<device_id>",
            "token": "<token>"


key Mandatory/Optional Description
accessory Yes Must be PalGateOpener
name Yes Chosen name to populate to HomeKit
deviceId Yes Gate ID extracted from CLI tool
token Yes Token extracted from CLI tool
accessoryType No - Default usage: switch switch/garageDoor*
### Please note:
  1. The default accessoryType is set to switch, if using garageDoor HomeKit with location service to open the gate automatically when arriving home will have to be initiated by user via push notification and his approval for the automation to run. This is a security feature by Apple. If you wish to "bypass" it please set the accessortyType as switch.

  2. You CAN duplicate the accessory so you will have one button as GarageDoor button and you will have the button also in your Apple CarPlay and a switch for the automation operation (works great BTW :))

  3. When setting the accessoryType as garageDoor automation will not work independetly (as mentioned above) but you will loose the ability to see the ability to use the Garage Door icon in Apple CarPlay. If you wish that the gate will open automaticlly by setting location service automation please use switch as accessoryType value.


Obtaining token via the tool will cause Pal Gate phone APP token to be revoked hence it will no longer work for your phone number (using the app) until you will re-sign to the Pal Gate app which will cause the HomeKit token to be revoked (thus HomeKit plugin will not work).


Can I control more than one Pal Gate barriers?

Yes you can! just insert the block more than once with different name and with the same token and deviceID and it should work just fine.

Will I still be able to use the PalGate app on my phone?

No, if you reopen the app you will be asked to re-authorize therefore the token obtained via CLI will get revoked and HomeKit will not be able communicate with the gate any more.

Will I still be able to use voice-dial to open the gate?

Yes you can, it has nothing to do with this plugin.

I re-signed to PalGate app and now I can't control the gate via HomeKit, what do I do?

Just re-run the tool, update the config file with the new token and you're good to go!


This plugin was created for my own personal use. I'm not affiliate by the company nor this plugin. This plugin is self developed and is not related to Pal Gate Systems in any way. I'm not responsible for any damage and/or data loss and/or any security breach etc etc caused by using this plugin. Please use at your own risk and on your own responsibility.

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