Homebridge plugin for RadioRA2 fans from Lutron

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<script type="module">
  import homebridgeRadioraFans from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-radiora-fans';


A very bare bones implementation of Lutron RadioRA fan control for Siri/HomeKit.

Code forked from djMax/homebridge-radiora

Here's a sample config fragment (which is an entry in the "platforms" array of your root config):

            "platform": "RadioRAFans",
            "host": "<controller ip or hostname>",
            "username": "SOME_USERNAME",
            "password": "SOME_PASSWORD",
            "fans": [
                    "name": "Outside",
                    "id": 14,
                    "serial": "d9561223-4e57-4521-b09c-aaadac1df314"
                    "name": "Playroom",
                    "id": 22,
                    "serial": "d9561223-4e57-4521-b09c-aaadac1df322"

The id comes is the "Integration ID" for each light load. Keypads or other devices are not yet supported. You can find the Integration IDs in the DbXmlInfo.xml file on the Lutron controller via:

curl -O http://<controller>/DbXmlInfo.xml

The serial is just made up with a guid generator.

Change host, username and password to match your install as well. FYI, the default controller username is "lutron" with password "integration" (but you still need to set those values in the config).