Gets information from a Robonect card installed in various robotic lawn mowers.

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  import homebridgeRobonect from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-robonect';



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Development ongoing.

This plugin will:

  • Fetch battery level / low battery warning
  • Fetch charging status
  • Simulate mowing with a fan accessory (tap to toggle mode when running (see config table))
  • Provide an "on/off"-switch for toggling auto or home mode.


npm install -g homebridge-robonect

NB Robonect H30x-users, see below for instructions.

Config as follows:

    "accessory": "HomebridgeRobonect",  
    "name": "name-of-your-mower",  
    "mower": "Mower make",  
    "model": "Mower Model",
    "serial-number": "Serialnr of your mower",
    "pollingInterval": time-in-seconds,  
    "getUrl": "http://USER:PASS@SERVER:PORT"  
Parameter Description Default Type Optional
accessory Always "HomebridgeRobonect" "" String no
name The name of your mower, as you want it to appear in the Home App "" String no
mower The manufacturer of your mower. I.e. "Husqvarna" or "Gardena" "" String yes*
model Your mower model. I.e. "Automower 305" "" String yes*
serial-number The serial number of you mower "" String yes*
pollingInterval Set the interval for polling the mower. Cannot be set lower than 30s. 60 int yes
fanMode Choose what toggling the fan off/on should do. 0 = eod/auto, 1 = stop/start 0 int yes
getUrl The URL to your mower. PORT is optional. "" String no

*Only optional in versions >1.1.10

Robonect H30x users

Robonect H30x is only supported in version 1.0.22 and older, which can be installed using npm -g install homebridge-robonect@1.0.22 Additional options to configure are: | Parameter | Description | Default | Type |Optional | |:--|:--|:-:|:-:|:-:| | show-humidity | Set to either yes or no, to enable the humidity sensor (valid for version 1.0.22 or older) | "yes" | String | yes | | robonect-card | Robonect card type. Either "H30x" or "HX".| "" | String |no |

  • Input "HX" in capitals as robonect-card ONLY if you have a Robonect HX! You'll get the temp from the temp sensor, rather than the battery. :)

Discuss the plugin with me and others, here.