Homebridge Extension for Rooted Toon Thermostats

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import homebridgeRootedtoonMg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-rootedtoon_mg';



This plugin enables homebridge to communicate with a Rooted Toon. The shown current temperature is displayed with a 0.5 degree precision. The target temperature can be set with a 0.5 degree precision.

npm install -g --unsafe-perm homebridge-rootedtoon_mg


The following should be added to the homebridge config.json:

  "bridge": {
      "name": "Homebridge",
      "username": "CC:22:3D:E3:CE:30",
      "port": 51826,
      "pin": "031-45-154"
  "description": "This is an example configuration file for Toon.",
  "accessories": [
          "accessory": "RootedToon",
          "name": "Toon Thermostaat",
          "apiroute": "http://<YOURROOTEDTOONIP>",
          //optional (remove this comment line when copy past from this section
          "maxTemp": 25,
          "minTemp": 15,
          "manufacturer": "Eneco",
          "model": "RootedToon",
          "serial_number": "xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx"


The plugin automatically lists the available options in the Homebridge log.