Sensibo plugin for homebridge: https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge

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This project creates a Homebridge plugin to expose Sensibo devices.

Inspired by the plugin homebridge-sensibo


This pluing requires a Sensibo API key, which must be obtained from their portal


Install Using homebridge-config-ui-x

  1. Follow the instructions on Homebridge to install it
  2. Open de Homebridge Config UI X admin panel
  3. Search for sensibo-hub in the Plugins tab
  4. Install the plugin and follow on screen setup instructions

Install Manually

  1. Follow the instructions on Homebridge to install it
  2. Install this plugin using: npm install -g homebridge-sensibo-hub
  3. Update your configuration file. See the snippet below or the file config.example.json



"platforms": [
    "platform": "sensibo-hub",
    "name": "sensibo-hub",
    "api_key": "YOUR_SENSIBO_API_ID",
    "refresh_interval": 30000,
    "enable_fanDry": false


  • platform: Must always be "sensibo-hub" (required)
  • name: Can be anything (required)
  • api_key: Sensibo API key, must be obtained from Sensibo (required)
  • refresh_interval: devices refresh interval in ms (optional, default=30000)
  • enable_fanDry: enable fan/dry mode on supported A/C's (optional, default=false)

Usage Notes

  • A fan speed of 0 means "auto".
  • Debug mode supported, with -D tag. See Homebridge for details.
  • The refresh interval variable must not be too small. If the plugin calls the API too much, the used key may get revoked. The default value should be fine.

Fan/Dry Mode: When enabled, and if the A/C supports fan and dry modes, the accessory will display a switch used to enable/disable this mode. When the switch is active, the cool/heat modes will be "replaced" by fan/dry modes, respectively.

Issues and Improvements

Please use the issues section of this repository to discuss problems with the plugin or possible improvements to it.

Credits and Dependencies

This project would not be possible if not by Homebridge

This project uses the Sensibo as documented here

This project is not affiliated with Sensibo nor with Homebridge, and was designed with a personal/hobbyist usage in mind.