A very simple plugin for controlling Sonos Beam/Arc via Homebridge.

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import homebridgeSonosSoSimple from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-sonos-so-simple';


Homebridge Sonos So Simple

What does it do?

If, like me, you've bought a Sonos soundbar (Beam/Arc) and just want to expose a few settings to Homekit to control via Siri then this is the package for you!

This package gives you options to control the volume, mute, speech enhancement and night mode via Homebridge with very little config setup.


Homekit doesn't play nicely with speakers. So to get around this you'll be offered the option to treat the volume control as a fan or a lightbulb. The goal being that you can still say 'Hey Siri, set my Beam to 20%' or have a movie scene that cranks the volume up and turns speech enhancement on.

NOTE: Choosing to treat the volume as a lightbulb will cause the volume to mute if you issue commands to turn all the lights off to Siri.

Example Configuration

    "platforms": [
            "muteSwitch": true,
            "volume": "fan", //Options here are bulb/fan/none
            "platform": "SonosSoSimplePlatform"


Either search via the Homebridge config for homebridge-sonos-so-simple

npm install homebridge-sonos-so-simple -g

Once installed update the config, again using the config ui or using the example config above. Remember to remove the comment (//Options here are bulb/fan/none)