Homebridge plugin for controlling Xiaomi New Widetech Dehumidifier

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  import homebridgeXiaomiDehumidifier from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homebridge-xiaomi-dehumidifier';


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*** Please note: This only tested for the New Widetech Dehumidifier 30L.


  • Switch on / off.

  • Switch continuous / target humidity / dry mode.

  • Change target humidity level.

  • Switch LED light on / off.

  • Switch buzzer sound on / off.

  • Display temperature.

  • Display humidity.

  • Display water tank status.


  1. Install required packages.
    npm install -g homebridge-xiaomi-dehumidifier

2. Make sure your Homebridge server is same network with your device, then run following command to discover the token.


miio discover --sync
  1. You may need to wait few minutes until you get the response similar to below:
    Device ID: 49466088
    Model info: Unknown
    Token: 6f7a65786550386c700a6b526666744d via auto-token
    Support: Unknown

4. Record down the `Address` and `Token` values as we need it in our configuration file later.

5. If you are getting `??????????????` for your token value, please reset your device and connect your Homebridge server directly to the access point advertised by the device.

6. Then run the command again.


miio discover --sync
  1. Add following accessory to the config.json .
        "accessories": [
            "accessory": "MiDehumidifier",
            "name": "Living Room Dehumidifier",
            "did": "xxxxxxxxxx",
            "ip": "192.168.1.x",
            "token": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
            "enableLED": false,
            "enableBuzzer": false,
            "max_humidity": 70,
            "min_humidity": 30,
            "polling_interval": 60000

Notes: Set value for enableLED , enableBuzzer to true or false to show or hide these sensors in Home app.

  1. Restart Homebridge, and your device will be added to Home app.


MIT License