IoT dashboard for Homie devices

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  import homieDashboard from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/homie-dashboard';


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Homie Dashboard

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  • Install Node.js >= v7.0.0
  • Install Yarn (optional, recommended): npm install -g yarn
  • Clone this repository
  • cd into it
  • Install the project dependencies:
    • With Yarn (recommended): yarn install
    • Or with npm: npm install
  • Run one of the following scripts:
    • npm run app-build: build the Web Application into the dist-app directory
    • npm run app-dev: start a webpack development server, with hot-reload
    • npm run server-build: build the server from an ES2015 syntax to Node.js runnable code in the dist-server directory
    • npm run server-dev: start the server for development with automatic restart on code changes
    • npm run server-lint: lint the server
    • npm run server-serve: start the compiled version of the server (run from the dist-server directory)
    • npm run server-test: test the server

Team stuff

We all code on Windows. Install Mosquitto and run in the context of the repo: dev.bat. This will start the MQTT broker, the development server and the development Web Application.