Use the Twilio Voice SDK for iOS or Android with Cordova/PhoneGap. Successor to Twilio Client Plugin

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Cordova Plugin for Twilio

Cordova Plugin for Twilio SDK, based on

The aim of this package is to bring jefflinwoods work up to date with the latest SDKS and add further Twilio features as it is developed


There are three preferences you will need to configure:

Preference Example Description
INCOMING_CALL_APP_NAME PhoneApp Users will get a notification that they have an inbound call (either a standard Push notification, or a CallKit screen) - this name is shown to the users.
ENABLE_CALL_KIT true This plugin has optional CallKit support for iOS 10 and above. ENABLE_CALL_KIT should be "true" or "false"
MASK_INCOMING_PHONE_NUMBER false This plugin has optional ability to mask the incoming phone number. MASK_INCOMING_PHONE_NUMBER should be "true" or "false"
DEBUG_TWILIO false Optionally enable twilio library debugging. DEBUG_TWILIO should be "true" or "false"