Convert HTML element to Image,such as Screenshot

Usage no npm install needed!

<script type="module">
  import htmlshot from '';


HTMLShot :

A javascript library aims to convert HTML element to Image (such as Screenshot) until upload this image & save it on server.

Brief , HTMLShot imagify HTML element(s) & upload it on server .

Install :

npm install htmlshot;

Client Side :

Import in HTML page :


Then , you can use this library in client side as following :

- Simple :

Imagify the whole HTML page (body element), and when the snapshot is ready, create an IMG element & append it on Body Element.

  var test1=imagify(d.body,(base64)=>{
      $('body').append('<img src="'+base64+'"/>')

- More complex (with more options):

Imagify the first DIV with CSS class col-lg-6, and specify the output mimetype (image/jpeg) as well as quality of this image (0.01); known that 1.0 is the full-quality (the best quality).

var t2=imagify({ui:d.querySelectorAll('.col-lg-6')[0],mimetype:'image/jpeg',quality:0.01},(base64)=>{

Server Side :

On server side , the library exposes a function with two parameters :

  • Base64 code of image.
  • full Path of image to be saved on server .
  mkdir test_htmlshot;
cd test_htmlshot;
touch justTest.js;
npm install htmlshot;

In test_htmlshot/justTest.js adds :

var imagify=require('htmlshot');
var data=' ';

Then, in terminal :

    node justTest.js;

Now check test_htmlshot/mystar.png .

And Congrats!!