test helpers for working with Node.js' http2 module

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Spy on nodejs' built-in http2 module and assert against requests that have been performed:

const assert = require("assert");
const http2spy = require("http2spy");
const myClient = http2spy.require(require.resolve("./lib/my-client"));

// do something with your http2 API client, e.g.,
// client.request({ ":method": "GET", ":path": "/" });

// now examine the requests:
assert.strictEqual(http2spy.requests[0][":method"], 'GET');

Passing Additional Stubs

http2spy is just a thin wrapper on top of proxyquire, if you would like to pass additional libraries to stub, simply provide them as a second parameter:

const myClient = http2spy.require(require.resolve("./lib/my-client"), {
  'second-library': {
    foo: () => {}


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