Public service that 'rebroadcasts' http hits to any clients listening

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Public service that 'rebroadcasts' http hits to any clients listening. (See: http_bouncer_client) There is no queuing or anything. Its only going to broadcasts to any clients that are connected at that time.

Getting Started

Own Server / Development

  • npm install http_bouncer_server
  • node node_modules/http_bouncer_server/index.js


  • heroku create
  • heroku labs:enable websockets
  • git push heroku master


Setup application to hit created server (see Getting Started)

Format should be [server]/handler/[channelname]/[regular path]

  • server - The server running http_bouncer_server (see above)
  • channelname - Name of the channel. This is mostly used by the client to figure out where to redirect the given http path
  • regular path - Any additional url information to pass to the client


Setting the scene:

  • You have an external service (ex github) that submits webhooks to a specified public url.
  • One or more people want to develop with this data.
  • Your development environment is firewalled of (ex coffeeshop)

Sending out a sample hit

This is just demonstrating how to test out. Normally your data would come from another source. Note the url, its sending data to the channelname of "gavin" and the path of "/handler/github?demo=1"

curl -d '{ "zen" : "981i34epoqwdu90ads", "hook_id": 12 }' "http://localhost:3000/handler/gavin/handler/github?demo=1" --header "Content-Type:application/json"

Note the "NOLISTENERS" response

Setup Client to listen

We are going use the client to listen to the sample hit. We will talk to the server (-s) of http://localhost:3000/ and map the channel gavin to http://localhost/dev_application?query_string_to_merge=1

http_bouncer_client -s http://localhost:3000/ -c 'gavin:http://localhost/dev_application?query_string_to_merge=1'

This will make every hit to the "gavin" channel and url of "handler/github?demo=1" to hit "http://localhost/dev_application/handler/github?demo=1&query_string_to_merge=1" See: http_bouncer_client for more info.

Release History

0.0.2 - 2014-07-11

  • Added documentation and examples
  • Updated dependancies

0.0.1 - 2014-06-17

  • Initial Release


Copyright (c) 2014 Gavin Mogan Licensed under the MIT license.