Hubot plugin for playing Junkyard Brawl

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Junkyard Brawl

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Hubot script for playing Junkyard Brawl on your favorite chat protocol.


# Install via Yarn -
yarn add hubot-junkyard-brawl
# Install via npm
npm install --save hubot-junkyard-brawl


  • hubot junkyard, !junkyard, .junkyard, !brawl - Create a new game in the current channel
  • add bot <name> - Add a bot to the game; If no name is given, the hubot name will be used.
  • jo[in] - Join an existing game
  • start - Start a game (once 2 or more players join)
  • stop - Stop a game
  • di[scard] 1 2 3 - Discard cards 1,2 and 3
  • pl[ay] 1 2 3 - Play cards 1, 2 and 3
  • pa[ss] - Pass the chance to respond to an opponent
  • st[atus] - Print your cards and health in a private message
  • rm/remove me - Remove yourself from a game
  • remove <player> - Remove another player (if you are the game manager)
  • transfer <player> - Transfer management to another player

Usage can also be accessed from the bot by typing <hubot> help junkyard

Development and testing

Start hubot from the command line and it will load up the plugin to run tests on:

npm start

You can also lint the code using eslint:

npm run test