A hubot bot to manage your team's mood

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A simple hubot script to store your team's mood and get some metrics about it.


You have of course to get a working installation of hubot first.

Add hubot-mood to the package.json of your hubot setup, then npm install it.

Storage is done through redis. You have to set the redis url into the HUBOT_MOOD_REDIS_URL env var, eg.:

export HUBOT_MOOD_REDIS_URL=redis://

Last, link the mood.js bot script into your own scripts folder:

ln -sf ../node_modules/hubot-mood/scripts/mood.js scripts/mood.js

By default, it will try to use redis://localhost:6379.


The bot will respond to several commands:

mood set "<sunny|cloudy|rainy|stormy>"
mood of|for <(nickname)|me>
mood today
mood yesterday
mood week of|for <(nickname)|me>
mood month of|for <(nickname)|me>

Demo (purely fictional, if you asked):

<NiKo`> scopybot: mood set sunny
<scopybot> Recorded entry: NiKo` is in a sunny mood today
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood today
<scopybot> Today's moods:
<scopybot> - NiKo` is in a sunny mood
<scopybot> - pointbar is in a sunny mood
<scopybot> - vinyll is in a sunny mood
<scopybot> - david`bgk is in a sunny mood
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood week of NiKo`
<NiKo`> scopybot: mood month of NiKo`


Install mocha and async, then run the suite from the root of the repository by running the mocha command.

Note: Testing requires a live redis server instance running on redis://localhost:6379. Don't worry, it won't erase your data.


Because sharing our mood is informative and ease collaboration.