phrases (responses) support for hubot

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phrases (responses) support for hubot

Getting Started

  1. Install the module: npm install --save hubot-phrases
  2. Add it hubot-phrases to your external-scripts.json file in your hubot directory


  • hubot literal - Outputs information about a phrase. if greater than 10 tidbits, then output a url instead
  • hubot do something|something random - output a random phrase
  • hubot forget # - Deletes the th response of
  • hubot forget that - Deletes the last used response
  • hubot what was that - Outputs what the last phrase was
  • hubot X ||is Y - Sets a response for X to be Y
  • [phrase] - Outputs a random tidbit/reply that matches



Release History

2016-12-30 - 1.0.2

  • Minor bug fix to handle when no existing data

2016-12-27 - 1.0.1

  • Full cleanup/rename of factoid to phrases
  • Update documentation

2016-12-27 - 1.0.0

  • Remove coffeescript
  • Test coverage
  • minor bug fixes


Copyright (c) 2013,2016 Gavin Mogan Licensed under the MIT license.