Hubot script that uses Slack `reaction_added` events to file GitHub issues

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Slack-to-GitHub Issues Hubot Script: Uses Slack reaction_added events to file GitHub issues



When a Slack chat message receives a specific emoji reaction, this Hubot script creates a GitHub issue with a link to that message.

This package is a thin convenience wrapper around slack-github-issues for Hubot installations. Please see the mbland/slack-github-issues repository for detailed documentation.


  1. Follow the "Installation and usage" instructions from mbland/slack-github-issues to set up Node.js, a configuration file for the script, and Slack and GitHub users. (You can skip the npm install slack-github-users --save step.)

  2. Follow the "Hubot integration" instructions from mbland/slack-github-issues to create your own Hubot, ensure the correct versions of the hubot and hubot-slack packages are installed, and set the necessary environment variables.

  3. In your Hubot repository, add hubot-slack-github-issues as a dependency, then run npm install.

  4. Include the script in external-scripts.json in your Hubot repository:

  5. Run hubot --adapter slack locally or otherwise deploy to your preferred environment.


If you'd like to contribute to this script, see the mbland/slack-github-issues repository instead.

Open Source license

This software is made available as Open Source software under the ISC License. For the text of the license, see the LICENSE file.