An NPM module that displays Github Action progress in the terminal and aims to improve your development experience by printing status in realtime.

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Hukum - Displays Github Action progress in terminal

Hukum is an NPM module that displays Github Action (GA) progress in the terminal. It works for workflows that run when a commit is pushed to Github repo. Once a commit is pushed, Hukum will print status updates in realtime.

Hukum aims to improve your development experience with immediate feedback of the GA Workflow in your terminal.


npm install --global hukum


How it works?

Hukum uses Github Actions API to get the related workflow to the recent git push and its status. It keeps on calling the APIs every 1 second to update the status on the terminal.

Below is a sample output for one of the workflows.

   Add post - Setup Snapcraft in a Github Action Workflow
     ✔ deploy 16s
       ✔ Set up job 2s
       ✔ Run actions/checkout@v2 0s
       ✔ Install hugo 8s
       ✔ Install hugo theme 1s
       ✔ Build 0s
       ✔ Deploy 5s
       ✔ Post Run actions/checkout@v2 0s
       ✔ Complete job 0s


Hukum can work out of the box without any configuration. However, it provides a few configuration options. Include a .hukumrc file in your home directory or the root of the project with the following contents or set the below environment variables.

    "github": {
        "token": "<token>"

Github Personal token

// .hukumrc
{ "github": { "token": "<token>" } }
# environment variable

Hukum uses Github Actions API. It is possible to use these APIs without any authentication for public repositories. However, for unauthenticated requests, the rate limit allows for up to 60 requests per hour (Details at which can exhaust quickly. Authenticated requests have higher limits, up to 5000 requests per hour.

You can follow these steps at to create a personal token. The token does not need to have any specific scope for public repositories. However, the token needs to have repo - Full control of private repositories scope for private repositories.

Fixes & Improvements

Head over to the issues tab at to report a bug or suggest an improvement. Feel free to contribute to the code or documentation by raising a pull request.

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