Human-friendly taxonomy for file types

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Human-friendly taxonomy for file types. Zero dependencies.

List of mime types sourced from MDN.


npm i human-filetypes

The module exports two functions fromMime() and fromExtension().

const { fromMime, fromExtension } = require('human-filetypes')


fromMime() converts a MIME type identifier to a human-redable file kind.

const assert = require('assert')

assert.equal(fromMime('image/png'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromMime('image/webp'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromMime('application/pdf'), 'document')
assert.equal(fromMime('application/msword'), 'document')
assert.equal(fromMime('image/jpeg'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromMime('video/mpeg'), 'video')
assert.equal(fromMime('video/webm'), 'video')
assert.equal(fromMime('text/javascript'), 'text')
assert.equal(fromMime('application/json'), 'text')
assert.equal(fromMime('text/csv'), 'spreadsheet')
assert.equal(fromMime('application/zip'), 'archive')


fromExtension() converts a file extension or a filename to a human-redable file kind.

assert.equal(fromExtension('.png'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.webp'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.gif'), 'image')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.pdf'), 'document')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.docx'), 'document')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.mp4'), 'video')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.webm'), 'video')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.json'), 'text')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.exe'), 'application')
assert.equal(fromExtension('.zip'), 'archive')

Human-readable file kinds

The following taxonomy is used:

File Kind Description Examples
image Image file .png, .gif, .webp
video Video file .mp4, .webm
audio Audio file .mp3, .wav
archive Archive file .zip, .tar, .tar.gz
document Text Document .pdf, .docx, .odt
spreadsheet Spreadsheet .xlsx, .csv, .tsv
presentation Presentation .ppt, .pptx, .odp
font Font package .ttf, .otf, .woff2
text Plain text file .txt, .html, .json
application Executable/application package .exe, .jar, .swf
unknown Unknown -

File kinds are also available to import as an enum:

import { FileKind } from 'human-filetypes'

assert.equal(fromExtension('.zip'), FileKind.Archive)


human-filetypes is Free and Open Source Software. Issues and pull requests are more than welcome!