Proxy p2p connections using a duplex stream and Hyperswarm

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  import hyperswarmProxy from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hyperswarm-proxy';



Proxy p2p connections using a duplex stream and Hyperswarm

How it works

  • A server initializes an instance of hyperswarm
  • A client opens a connection to the server (use any duplex stream)
  • Client instance behaves the same as hyperswarm
  • The client asks to join "topics"
  • The server starts searching for peers and sends peer information to the client
  • The client chooses which peers to connect to (all of them by default)
  • The server establishes a connection to the peer and proxies it over to the client
  • The client can relay whatever data they want to the peer.


const HyperswarmProxyServer = require('hyperswarm-proxy/server')

const server = new HyperswarmProxyServer({
  // The bootstrap nodes to pass to hyperswarm (optional)

  // Whether your server will be sort lived (ephemeral: true)

  // Pass in an existing hyperswarm instance instead of creating a new one (optional)

  // Function that takes incoming connections to decide what to do with them
  // Can be used to notify clients about peers
  // Disconnect incoming by default
  handleIncoming: (socket) => socket.end(),

const somestream = getStreamForClient()

// Get the server to handle streams from clients

// Tell all clients about a peer for a particular topic
// This is useful in conjunction with `handleIncoming`
// Use handleIncoming to figure out which topic the connection is from
// Then tell clients to connect to them using `socket.address()`
server.connectClientsTo(SOME_TOPIC, port, hostname)

// Close connections to clients and any connected peers
server.destroy(() => {
  // Done!


const HyperswarmProxyClient = require('hyperswarm-proxy/client')

const somestream = getStreamForServer()

const swarm = new HyperswarmProxyClient({
  // Pass in the stream which connects to the server
  // If this isn't passed in, invoke `.reconnect(somestream)` to start connecting
  connection: somestream,

  // Whether you should autoconnect to peers
  autoconnect: true,

  // The max number of peers to connect to before stopping to autoconnect
  maxPeers: 24,

// When we disconnect, reconnect to the server
swarm.on('disconnected', () => {

// Same as hyperswarm
swarm.on('connection', (connection, info) => {

  const stream = getSomeStream(info.topic)
  // Pipe the data from the connection into something to process it
  // E.G. `hyperdrive.replicate()`



// Listen for peers manually
swarm.on('peer', (peer) => {
  // If autoconnect is `false` you can connect manually here
  swarm.connect(peer, (err, connection) => {
    // Wow

// Destroy the swarm