An emulated transparent background for HyperTerm!

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<script type="module">
  import hypertermTransparentBg from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/hyperterm-transparent-bg';


HyperTerm Transparent Background Plugin

An emulated transparent background for HyperTerm!


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It's an HTML5 <video /> of the entire screen that's moved when the window moves. CSS is used to make it transparent and add other effects.

If you don't want a blur or other effects added to your background, but you still want it to be transparent, just use an 8 digit hexcidecimal #AARRGGBB color as your config.backgroundColor (ex config.backgroundColor: '#AA000000').


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Usage with themes

Yes, it works with themes! All that is needed is to add this package anywhere after the theme package and it will automatically apply the effects from the config.transparentBg property below to the background from the theme.

For example using the hyperterm-material theme:

module.exports = {
  plugins: [

Add these properties to your ~/.hyperterm.js file to configure hyperterm-transparent-bg.

  • Type: string (hex color '#AARRGGBB')
  • Default: '#000'

The normal background property for HyperTerm.

  • Type: object
  • Default: { WebkitFilter: 'blur(5px)', opacity: '0.3' }

This object can be any CSSStyleDeclaration allowed. Essentially pass an inline style object the same way you would with React.

By default there is blur and opacity applied. A value of opacity: 1 will have no background color applied to it. A value of opacity: 0 for opacity will have no "transparency" and only have color.

Development / Debugging / More WAT

Setting the DEBUG environmental variable to a truthy value will make the plugin console.log the commands that are being sent to the window.