i18n .po to .json file converter

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pojson is a CLI tool to convert gettext PO format to JSON i18n entry list.

Command-line usage

To install pojson system-wide, run:

$ sudo npm install -g i18n-po-json

Then you can use it like this:

$ pojson --help
i18n PO -> JSON converter

   -h / --help                            Show this help
   -s / --src FILE                        Define input JSON file name. Defaults
                                          to stdin.
   -o / --output FILE                     Define output POT file name. If a file
                                          already exists, it's contents will be
                                          overwritten. Defaults to stdout.
   -n / --withOccurences                  Include occurences info into JSON file,
                                          parsed from "#: ..." comments.
   -c / --withComments                    Include comments into JSON file, parsed
                                          from "#. ..." comments.
   -p / --prettify                        Pretty-print JSON output.
   -m / --withMeta["full" | "plural"]     Include parsed PO header or plural form
                                          into JSON file. Add all header values
                                          without any params provided. Possable
                                          values "" | "full" | "plural"

By default pojson accepts input PO file from stdin. Output defaults to stdout, so you can use standard unix stream redirection syntax. Errors and warnings are printed to stderr.

Usage example:

$ cat ~/some/path/en_AE.po | pojson -p --withMeta plural > /dev/null

API usage

Take a look at CLI entry point - index.ts. Usage of the one and only convert function is pretty straightforward and there you will find all examples you ever need. Also you may want to take a look on unit tests to know how to collect errors and warnings efficiently when using convert programmatically.


i18n-po-json uses github-flow to accept & merge fixes and improvements. Basic process is:

  • Fork the repo.
  • Create a branch.
  • Add or fix some code.
  • Run Karma testing suite with npm run test and make sure nothing is broken
  • Add some tests for your new code or fix broken tests.
  • Run npm run build to build pure-js distribution files.
  • Commit & push.
  • Create a new pull request to original repo.

Pull requests with failing tests will not be accepted. Also, if you add or modify packages to package.json, make sure you use yarn and update yarn.lock.