Provides an API that helps developing modular components for iai.

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<script type="module">
  import iaiComponent from 'https://cdn.skypack.dev/iai-component';



This module is a component of the iai framework. It's useless for you, until some serious work has been done.

iai Component

Provides an API that helps building and managing modular components for iai.

iai components must be designed according to the following Principles

  • modularity: An iai Component may be divided onto sub-components and so on. Those components may be iai Components or not.
  • laziness: An iai Component shouldn't load neither of its sub-components until it is loaded explicity.
  • extensibility: An iai Component must extend itself with the funcionality exposed by a loaded sub-component and also provide extension hooks to allow being programatically extended.