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Components library for use in other angular based dai projects.

Demo application and usage documentation

A sample application can get started via

npm install && npm run build && npm start

The demo app is then served on port 8084. It documents and shows the libraries facilities in action.

Changes to partials and js files of the library under src as well as of the demo application files under demo will automatically trigger a rebuild and also a reload in active browser windows.

Building the library

Running npm run build will perform all the necessary build steps which creates the following files:

dist/idai-components.js          # full js library without depencies
dist/idai-components.min.js     # minified full js library without dependencies
dist/idai-components-deps.js      # concatenated and minified dependencies
dist/idai-components-no-tpls.js  # js library without the templates
dist/idai-components-tpls.js     # angular templates
dist/css/idai-components.css     # full css including bootstrap
dist/css/idai-components.min.css # minified full css including bootstrap

In most cases only idai-components.min.js and idai-components.min.css need to be referenced by applications making use of idai-components.


Unit tests are simply run by npm test. E2E tests are run by export LC_NUMERIC="en_US.UTF-8" && npm run e2e. Note the app must be served on 8084 as a precondition for the latter. You can do it by running npm start on another console.