A React Native boilerplate for JHipster apps.

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Ignite JHipster

NPM version iOS-E2E Android-E2E App Generator


A React Native boilerplate for JHipster apps, complete with authentication, an entity generator, JDL support, E2E tests, and more.

Check out the Sample Application for Android or the presentation at JHipster Conf on YouTube.


Getting Started


  • Node v8+
    • Verify version with node -v
  • React Native CLI setup
  • ignite-cli v3.x installed
    • Install with npm install -g ignite-cli@3
    • Verify version with ignite --version
  • Mac users require CocoaPods to be installed
    • Verify pod installation with pod install
  • Not required but highly recommended, Reactotron makes debugging much easier and comes pre-configured

To generate an app, run the following command:

ignite new SampleApp --boilerplate ignite-jhipster

Answer the prompts, entering the path to your JHipster app and choosing any plugins you want. The generator will create a new directory containing the project (preconfigured for both iOS and Android).

After generating, you can use the entity generator, JDL importer, and other commands.


app/config/app-config.js contains several important variables:

  • apiUrl: Your JHipster app's API url
  • appUrlScheme: Your app's URL scheme for deep-linking, this is also configured for iOS (Info.plist) and Android (AndroidManifest.xml) separately.
  • uaaBaseUrl: (UAA only) If you use a uaaBasePath other than uaa, configure this variable

Notes for Android

  • When running your JHipster backend locally for Android, make sure to run adb reverse tcp:8080 tcp:8080 so the app can communicate with your backend.
  • When building the Android app manually, prepend app: to the command (due to React Native Navigation). For example: ./gradlew app:bundleRelease