A fast and reliable module for easily sending iMessages from your Mac

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Node iMessage Module

Requires OS X 10.7 or better, and an active iMessage account

What is this?

This is a node module that allows you to send iMessages, assuming you are running on a Mac that's signed in to an iMessage account.

How do I use it in my project?

Like this:

var imessagemodule = require("iMessageModule");

imessagemodule.sendMessage("recipient email, phone, or chat title", "message text", function(err) {});

It's really that simple! And you can send the messages as quickly as you like. iMessageModule will queue up them and send them as quickly as will allow.

What's the purpose?

Nothing else on npm seems to deal with group chats correctly. I wanted something to use in my own project that I believed worked reliably and as quickly as possible. This uses an Automator script to run handle interacting with Should work with OS X 10.7 or better.

Why doesn't this handle reading the database?

There's already a pretty good library for that on npm at imessage but personally I just read the Messages SQLite database directly in my other projects at imessageclient, iMessageWebClient, and imessagebot.

This is clunky!

This would be better if it used some private APIs within OS X, but could be improved to use more. Private APIs within OS X should be able to be used to completely send messages without the use of, but I haven't figured out how to do so yet. Right now I am using some private APIs to open a new message window and prefilling the To: field. Maybe you can help out and contribute? Check out nodeprivatemessageskit for more info.