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Frontend Model Core component

This is a base class for a model that wraps an immutable.js model instance such as Record. It inherits from EventEmitter to be able to emit change events when the model changes. The constructor expects an instance of immutable.js' Record class. The optional second argument can be an object containing data, which is passt to the Record instance.


npm install immutable-model


import { Record } from 'immutable';
import Model from 'immutable-model';

const MyImmutable = new Record({
  id: '',
  name: ''

// Create a class with getters, setters and other helper methods
class MyModel extends Model {
  constructor(initialData = {}) {
    super(MyImmutable, initialData);)

  getId() {
    return this.get('id');

  setId(id) {
    this.set('id', id);

// set initial data
const myModel = new MyModel({ id: 'foo' });

// listen to changes
myModel.on('change', (model, data) => {

Class Methods

  • get(fieldName): returns the value of the Record field.
  • set(fieldName, value, emitChange?): applies value to fieldName. If emitChange (default = true) is set to false no change event is emitted.
  • set(fields, emitChange?): if the first argument is an object of field names and values, the second argument value becomes obsolete and emitChange takes its place.

Class Events

  • change(model, data): Where model is an immutable model instance and data