A better prompt.

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A better prompt.


Impromptu requires Node.js. The install script currently requires Git. Impromptu supports bash and zsh by default.

  1. npm install -g impromptu

  2. Run which impromptu. If there's no output, npm's global scripts are not available in your $PATH. You'll need to add something like export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/share/npm/bin to your shell’s configuration file.

  3. Add source impromptu to the end of your shell’s configuration file. You might want to run something like echo 'source impromptu' >> ~/.bash_profile on a default OS X install.


On Prompts

  • Prompts should be aware of the internet, and able to show relevant information from it.
  • Prompts should show relevant information when you need it, and nothing else.
  • Prompts should use colors so that they're visually easy to parse.
  • Prompts should be prompt. Performance is paramount.

On Impromptu

  • Impromptu should be self-documenting.
  • Impromptu should be easily extensible.


Copyright (c) 2013 Daryl Koopersmith & Evan Solomon Licensed under the MIT license.