InfluxDB Client

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node-influx, an InfluxDB client for Node.js and Browsers

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InfluxDB v1.x JavaScript library

Node and browser library for InfluxDB v1.x and older. For v2, please use the official client.


For Node, simply:

$ npm install --save influx

For browsers, see the browser setup instructions.


  • Simple API for nearly all Influx operations
  • Fully supported in Node and the browser
  • Performant, processing millions of rows/sec on modest hardware
  • Zero dependencies


Version 5.x.x is compatible with InfluxDB 1.x on Node 4 on onwards, and modern browsers

Version 4.x.x is compatible with InfluxDB 0.9.x - 0.13.x on Node 0.12 and onwards

Version 3.x.x is compatible with InfluxDB 0.8.x - 3.x will no longer have updates by core contributers, please consider upgrading.