ES spec-like internal slots

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Truly private storage, akin to the JS spec’s concept of internal slots.

Uses a WeakMap when available; a Map when not; and a regular object in even older engines. Performance and garbage collection behavior will reflect the environment’s capabilities accordingly.


var SLOT = require('internal-slot');
var assert = require('assert');

var o = {};

assert.throws(function () { SLOT.assert(o, 'foo'); });

assert.equal(SLOT.has(o, 'foo'), false);
assert.equal(SLOT.get(o, 'foo'), undefined);

SLOT.set(o, 'foo', 42);

assert.equal(SLOT.has(o, 'foo'), true);
assert.equal(SLOT.get(o, 'foo'), 42);

assert.doesNotThrow(function () { SLOT.assert(o, 'foo'); });


Simply clone the repo, npm install, and run npm test


Please email @ljharb or see if you have a potential security vulnerability to report.