String interpolation made easy.

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  import interpolateTmpl from '';



Simple string interpolation.

Simple interpolation utility based on the JavaScript RegExp, String#replace and the npm module get-safe for safe access to nested properties.


npm install interpolate-tmpl --save

How to use

let interpolate = require('interpolate-tmpl');

let str = `
<h1 class="{{ color}}">{{ title('Albert',Einstein  ) }}</h1>
<p>Born on {{birthDate(March, 14, '1879')}}</p>
<p>Died in {{'death.location' }}, {{ }}</p>

let data = {
 death: {
   location: "Princeton",
   date: "April 18, 1955"
 title(firstname, lastname) {
 return `Mr. ${firstname} ${lastname}`;
 birthDate(month, day, year) {
   return `${month} ${day}, ${year}`;

console.log(interpolate(str, data, "{{}}") ); // Logs interpolated string

You can call functions with simple arguments (strings & integers only, no variable) and change the delimiter. Just pass the delimiter as a string to the interpolate function as the last parameter (default is {{}}).

Supported delimiters are: {{}}, {}, [[]], [], <$>, <##>, <%%>.

The browser version adds a interpolate function to the window object.