Check if stdout or stderr is interactive

Usage no npm install needed!

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  import isInteractive from '';



Check if stdout or stderr is interactive

It checks that the stream is TTY, not a dumb terminal, and not running in a CI.

This can be useful to decide whether to present interactive UI or animations in the terminal.


$ npm install is-interactive


import isInteractive from 'is-interactive';

//=> true




Type: object


Type: stream.Writable
Default: process.stdout

The stream to check.


Why are you not using ci-info for the CI check?

It's silly to have to detect individual CIs. They should identify themselves with the CI environment variable, and most do just that. A manually maintained list of detections will easily get out of date. And if a package using ci-info doesn't update to the latest version all the time, they will not support certain CIs. It also creates unpredictability as you might assume a CI is not supported and then suddenly it gets supported and you didn't account for that. In addition, some of the manual detections are loose and might cause false-positives which could create hard-to-debug bugs.

Why does this even exist? It's just a few lines.

It's not about the number of lines, but rather discoverability and documentation. A lot of people wouldn't even know they need this. Feel free to copy-paste the code if you don't want the dependency. You might also want to read this blog post.