Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps

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Gettext Style i18n for Modern JavaScript Apps

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You sure you don't want something more modern?

Jed is feature complete in my opinion. I am happy to fix bugs, but generally am not interested in adding more to the library.

I also maintain messageformat.js. If you don't specifically need a gettext implementation, I might suggest using MessageFormat instead, as it has better support for plurals/gender and has built-in locale data.

Parsing Gettext Files

Jed doesn't include a Gettext file parser, but several third-party parsers exist that can have their output adapted for Jed.


Just search the npm repository, there are several PO and MO file parsers available.


Jed Gettext Parser is the only known browser MO file parser, and it also works in Node, and outputs Jed-compatible data directly.

gettext.js and Pomo.js both include browser-compatible PO file parsers.


  • Build time generation of plural form functions
  • Web interface for building translation sets
  • Code introspection for default values


Jed is a member project of the jQuery Foundation

You may use this software under the MIT License.

You may contribute to this software under the jQuery Foundation CLA -



A good chunk of sanity checking was done against the gettext.js tests. That was written by:

  • Joshua I. Miller

The sprintf implementation is from:

  • Alexandru Marasteanu <alexaholic [at) gmail (dot] com>

The name

The name jed.js is an homage to Jed Schmidt ( the JavaScript community member who is a japanese translator by day, and a "hobbyist" JavaScript programmer by night. Give your kids three character names and they'll probably get software named after them too.