Compile and upload code for Jewelbots outside of the Arduino IDE

Usage no npm install needed!

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A cli tool for compiling and uploading sketches for Jewelbots

looking for alpha testers please :sparkling_heart:

How to install

Firstly, install the latest Arduino IDE. You do not have to have it open at all while using this tool.


npm install -g jewelbots-autodev

How to use

1. Create a JSON config file in your project directory's root, and save it as .jbauto

The config file needs to know four things:

  1. The path to the Jewelbots Arduino Library on your machine
  2. The location of the Arduino IDE on your machine
  3. Which directory you want the compiled files to be placed
  4. The path and filename of the sketch you're looking to compile

OSX Example:

  "jewelbots-lib": "/Users/noopkat/Library/Arduino15/packages/Jewelbots_Arduino_Library",
  "arduino-app": "/Applications/",
  "build-destination": "/Users/noopkat/code/jewelbots-fun/dist",
  "sketch-file": "/Users/noopkat/code/jewelbots-fun/sketches/blue.ino"

Windows and Linux config examples coming soon!

2. Run jewelbots-autodev from your project's directory

To compile:

jewelbots-autodev compile

You can also override the sketch-file property in .jbauto by specifying it as such:

jewelbots-autodev compile /path/to/my/sketch.ino

You can also use a relative path from your current folder.

jewelbots-autodev compile sketch.ino 

To upload:

Plug in your Jewelbot, and hold the action button to put it into coding mode first.

jewelbots-autodev upload


This is early stages! Raise an issue on this project's repo if you hit a bug or weird error, and pull requests are very welcome!